Our Programs

We take a long-term and comprehensive approach.

We support our scholars from adolescence through college graduation and beyond, offering a holistic spectrum of programming that evolves with the age and needs of youth.

Who We Serve

Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York serves youth from 9th grade through college graduation. BHGH of NY scholars are academically capable and driven and have a personal desire to attend and graduate from college. For a multitude of causes, they are facing barriers from their household, neighborhood, and/or socioeconomic status that prevent them from focusing on their education, which decreases the likelihood that they will graduate high school, let alone attend and graduate from college. Most of our scholars come from socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods such as East New York, Brownsville, East Flatbush, Washington Heights, Mott Haven, and Hunts Point; However, we serve scholars from all over the New York City Metro Area, mainly within the five boroughs.

It has been well-documented that the level of education a person completes can greatly impact their quality of life in adulthood. With our extensive college preparatory program, we seek to alleviate the stressors that prevent and discourage underserved students from pursuing their education, and instead empower and support them in their effort to graduate high school, excel and graduate from college, and to become responsible, productive citizens.

Family Need May Include

• Lack of necessary support structures
• Poverty and its side-effects
• Living in underserved communities
• Experiencing family stress
• Concentrated disadvantage or marginalization
• Lack of educational resources
• Attending underperforming or unaccredited schools
• Circumstances beyond a child’s control
• Willingness to sacrifice for the child’s best future

Our Goal

Our goal is to bridge the gaps of educational equality and equity. Our team and program is dedicated to helping our scholars strive for their dreams and providing the resources they need to succeed not only in our program but in their lives as a whole.

This year 71% (5 out of 7) seniors will be first-generation college students. 43% (3 out of 7) qualified for NYS support programs such as HEOP, based on financial eligibility.

Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York Alumni Chapter

Graduates of Boys Hope Girls Hope programs across the affiliate network become members of the Alumni Association, a growing body of young professionals. Members are active in their local communities and Alumni Association Chapters, promoting awareness of Boys Hope Girls Hope, building a strong network of alumni connections, and offering opportunities to get involved.

To get involved with the local alumni chapter or to find out more about alumni resources, please email us at bhghny@bhgh.org.

About the BHGH International Network

While Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York is autonomous, we ascribe to the same Theory of Change and Research-Supported Program Model of all Boys Hope Girls Hope affiliates, which includes: Early Intervention; Long-term Support, Partnership with Parents, Guardians and Families of Origin; Provision of a Stable, Nurturing Environment; Whole Person Development and Growth of Mind, Body and Spirit; Role Models and Mentor Relationships; Encouraging Academic Challenges and Extracurricular Involvement; and Voluntary Application Process for Program Participation.

Invest in the success of our scholars!