Graduate Stories of Hope | Malique Williams

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Alumni Story

Malique Williams & Sister

“Boys Hope Girls Hope
taught me about
brotherhood and relationships.”

Malique Williams grew up in Long Island as the eldest of three siblings.  Much of his childhood was spent running, and Malique became a regional track and field star as he progressed in school. He describes his first year of high school as “crazy,as it was during a time when his parents went through a divorce and it was difficult for Malique to focus at home. Joining Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York, Malique said, “pulled me out of a very tough situation.” When asked how his school life would be different if he hadn’t come to Boys Hope Girls Hope, Malique said, “I wouldn’t be going to the college I’m currently enrolled in.” 

This fall, Malique will head to Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, where he hopes to study actuarial science and business management. Maliquegained an interest in these subjects and the insurance industry through YES Solutions, a program run by a long-time Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York board member Sr. Mary Lanning. Teens from Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York participate in an immersion experience in commercial insurance, risk finance and investment management. Following this experience, Maliquepicked Purdue in large part because of a unique opportunity there to get his Bachelor of Arts and Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in just five years. After he completes his education, Malique aspires to start his own company and move to Atlanta. 

Malique said the most important thing he gained from his Boys Hope Girls Hope experience was “how to ask others for support and trust people.” When he first joined the program, Malique had never asked anyone for help. “I learned to be an advocate for myself and others.  Boys Hope Girls Hope taught me about brotherhood and relationships.”

In describing Malique, Jaraed Thomas, Director of Academic Success, Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York, said, “Malique is a young man who can accomplish anything he sets his mind to whether that it is his academic success; his determination to develop; or his constant curiosity for trying to create his place in the world. Add integrity and compassion, and you have an exemplary scholar.”   

Malique with team leaders after winning ”Student of the Year"
Malique and fellow scholars