Workforce Development with Salesforce

Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York has been lucky enough to partner with the New York Salesforce office for their first two Workforce Development Weeks!

In coordination with Esther Nai and Nicole Strickland, both our senior and junior classes have been able to work one-on-one with Salesforce employees and volunteers to gain valuable insight and coaching on resume writing and interview skills.

From their blog post, “How You Can Volunteer to Help Tomorrow’s Workers” written by Esther, “more than 50 Salesforce employees worked with over 90 students, ranging from elementary school children to college goers. Volunteer activities in career exposure sessions, resume reviews and mock interviews helped youth with their college and career readiness preparation.”

As a residential boarding program with the mission and vision to provide opportunities and resources to our scholars through college, opportunities such as the Workforce Development Week at Salesforce help us to give our scholars the chance to gain experience working with outside professionals and to receive feedback on their college resumes and interview skills—both of which our scholars will greatly benefit from as they enter into the college process. It also places our scholars in the unique position to network with professionals in career field(s) they may not have previously considered.

Working with Salesforce here in New York has been a blast for both the staff and the scholars, and we are all looking forward to our future partnerships.