Wellness and Therapeutic Services

The BHGHNY Wellness and Therapeutic Services Program aims to offer scholars and families a safe and confidential space to process feelings, experiences and ideas as well as express themselves through art making, collaboration, and interpersonal communication.

Through weekly scheduled one-on-one sessions, group projects including virtual art making and counseling and bi-weekly collections of therapeutic resources like yoga, breathing exercises, wellness apps and fitness videos, our scholars are offered consistent ways to connect with our Director of Wellness and Therapeutic Services, our School of Visual Arts Art Therapy interns, and with one another. Scholar families are also supported through resources and referrals.


Individual Scholar Services

• Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with scholars upon need, referral or request. Sessions will take place on a scheduled basis, M-Th, based on scholar’s school requirements. Schedule is shared within Programming team for mutual support purposes.

• Outside Referrals are made in communication with parent/guardian.

• Weekly case notes and files are maintained and stored to accommodate all HIPAA guidelines.

• Maintenance of weekly communication with our partner school guidance team

• Every scholar takes a Mental Health Resiliency Assessment by Advisory cohort that is facilitated by the Director of Wellness and Therapeutic Services and observed by interns with permission. This assessment aims to zero in on specific scholar struggles, needs and next steps for support.


Family Services

• Quarterly Parent Workshops. Parents can sign up to attend one or all workshops that focus on parenting teens (themes such as self-esteem, academic stress, navigating an independent adolescent spirit and fostering connection through healthy communication are explored).

• Family Therapy sessions for acute or ongoing communication issues, conflict resolution and connectedness are available upon need.

• Referrals for outside therapeutic services are given upon request and as needed. The goal is to offer families exactly what they need individually and personally, both within and outside of BHGH.

School of Visual Arts Art Therapy Intern Program

This ongoing partnership between SVA and BHGH offers our scholar community additional space for self-expression, an introduction into the world of expressive therapies and connection with additional mentorship, support and guidance.

• Individual Scholar Sessions (1-2 per intern) under clinical supervision and guidance.

• Group (3-4 groups per year) following closed and confidential group guidelines.

• Open Studio: Once weekly virtual art making space to foster creativity, community cohesion, self-expression and meditation from daily stress. Various art directives are facilitated by SVA interns each week.