Salesforce Resume Building and College Rep Visits!


The senior’s fall semester has been off to an exciting start. To date, they have had eight rep visits, including universities such as Boston University, Colgate, Notre Dame, and SUNY University at Albany. Scholars have shown confidence in asking questions that are relevant and important to them such as, “How does this school support students of color and first-generation students,” and “What is your retention rate?” or “What makes students want to stay?”.

In addition to the rep visits, scholars had the opportunity to visit Salesforce through a volunteer partnership, where staff from Salesforce worked with our scholars on their resumes and interviewing skills. Some of the key takeaways included being clear and concise and making their experience relevant to the positions to which they apply. Scholars also learned about the importance of coming to interviews prepared and ready to ask questions. Overall, these events have supported scholars in their journey of becoming college-ready, young professionals.