College Access

The mission of the College Access Program at BHGHNY is to get scholars to and through college. We do this by offering a comprehensive college access, persistence, and success program. Scholars receive services from ninth grade through college graduation.

BHGH of NY has a capacity to serve 90 scholars (45 boys and 45 girls) between our two residential buildings in partnership with Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School (where our girls attend) and Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School (where our boys attend).

The College Readiness Residential Program (CRRP) takes place over the course of the academic school year from September through June, and the Summer Enrichment Academy (SEA) takes place for 4 weeks in the summer from July-August.

The programs that make up the CRRP and SEA are inspired by the theory of change—meaning we believe that motivated children can overcome significant barriers and develop their inherent talents when surrounded by strong relationships and opportunities for enrichment. Each program and support tool ties into the fundamental and distinct characteristics that make up our organization: Academic Focus, Service and Community Engagement, Family-like Settings, Long-term and Comprehensive Commitment, Faith-based Values and Voluntary Participant Commitment.


Class of 2022

  • 89% first generation college students
  • 136 acceptances to 77 different colleges/universities
  • Received over $2.5 million dollars in scholarships and grants
  • 100% accepted into 4-year colleges/universities
  • Every scholar applied to an average of 16 colleges
  • Every scholars received acceptance into an average of 8 institutions

Class of 2021

  • 87 acceptances to 55 different colleges/universities
  • 100% accepted into 4-year institutions
  • 5 out of 7 (71%) had their full financial needs met

Class of 2020

  • 102 acceptances to 83 different colleges/universities
  • 100% accepted to a 4-year institution
  • Over $1.7M in scholarships/grants
  • 14 out of 16 (88%) received full need or full tuition packages

Class of 2019

  • 298 acceptances to 124 different colleges/universities
  • 100% accepted to a 4-year institution
  • Every scholar in the Class of 2019 applied to an average of 15 colleges.
  • 82% of the Class of 2019 had their full financial needs met

Services Include

College Knowledge Workshops

Weekly workshops are led by the Director of College Access and Alumni Support to provide pertinent information for navigating the complex college process. Geared toward scholars who are first-generation college going.


Application Labs

During college application season, senior scholars receive individual support and attention to assist with completing their college applications and forms.

Financial Aid Workshops

Senior scholars receive individualized support, along with their families, on how to navigate the financial aid process through scholarships, grants, opportunity programs and completing the FAFSA.

College Campus Workshops

Conducted both locally and regionally, scholars from 9th grade though 12th grade get to learn about different college though being on a campus and learning more about the schools through tours and meetings with the college admissions departments.

Scholar/Parent Counseling

Before a college choice is made, meetings are conducted with the scholar, their families and the Director of College Access and Alumni Support to ensure the scholar makes an informed college choice for matriculation.

College Rep Visits

College representatives visit both residential dorms to present on the programs and resources offered to prospective and current students. Scholars are able to gain a better outlook on if this college could be beneficial to their career and personal goals.

College Write-A-Thon

A three-day session with seniors, staff and volunteers where seniors are receiving feedback on their college essay supplements and personal statements.

Program Delivery By Grade

9th Grade

Scholars are introduced to college and career exploration through discussion, activity, and project-based assignments. This year we are implementing a Career Project which serves to expose scholars to their career options to begin building upon the three selves– self-awareness, self-concept, and self-efficacy.

10th Grade

Scholars build on what they learned in 9th grade and start thinking more specifically and critically about their futures. The Career Project evolves to include an Informational Interview Presentation and the Vision Board evolves to a Scholar Portfolio.

11th Grade

Scholars will be confident in how to access and utilize online resources to learn about different colleges, majors, and careers. By spring semester, all scholars will have a college list and a draft of their personal statement in preparation for the college application process in their senior year.

12th Grade

In their senior year, the fall semester is focused on the college application process which includes college essays and financial aid applications. By December, all scholars are expected to have applied to the colleges on their list. In the spring, the focus shifts to acceptances, evaluating financial aid awards, and filing financial appeals as necessary. At the end of the term, scholars attend Collegiate Prep in St. Louis, Missouri.