Academic Success


Academic focus is in Boys Hope Girls Hope’s DNA. We believe in the transformative power of education to develop lifelong learners, and we utilize robust support tools and opportunities for enrichment and enhanced learning to prepare our scholars for post-secondary education and beyond. Led by the Directors of Academic Success, these tools include Individual Academic Plans, Academic Advisory System, Structured Study Hall, weekly tutoring, our network-wide My College Road Tracking Software and our Cover-to-Cover Book Club literacy initiative.

Statistics from our 2019-2020 School Year:

  • 80.0% of LaSalle Scholars (24) earned an average GPA over 80.
  • 93.1% of McAuley Scholars (27) earned an average GPA over 80.
  • The overall average GPA of the scholars that completed the academic year in our program (61 scholars) is 85.0%.
  • 100% of our freshmen, sophomore and junior scholars (44) advanced to the next grade level for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • For the 7th year in a row, a BHGH of NY scholar was either valedictorian or salutatorian at Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School (our partner girls’ school).


Cover to Cover

A weekly “book club” that explores grade appropriate developmental themes and/or societal issues. Scholars gather in groups and are led in discussion to engage in conversations relevant to their experiences, while also deepening their understanding of the text.


Financial Literacy

Bring in outside experts to hold sessions in financial literacy for each class.


Invite experts in the tech field to speak to scholars for GWCTD. Scholars will be broken into groups and will be assigned different technology platforms to research and present to their classmates.

Summer Enrichment

External Summer Enrichment Programs: All rising juniors and rising seniors will be required to participate in external summer enrichment. The goal of this supplementary programming is to provide scholars with the opportunity to expose/advance their skillset in areas of interest. Programs must be a minimum of three weeks long and must have an educational component to them.

Summer Enrichment Academy: Our mandatory summer enrichment for our incoming freshmen and rising sophomores. These scholars will be provided with basic reading, writing, and mathematics support during the summertime to prevent summer learning loss. (More details to follow as school-year plays out)

Academic Support Systems

Individualized Academic Planning

Directors of Academic Success will hold one-on-one meetings to discuss semester goals and planning to support scholar’s academic success.



Full-time support staff members will be assigned a cohort of scholars to advise.

Structured Study Hall

Structured Study Hall will be offered in-person as an option to all scholars.


Virtual tutoring in the math, sciences, and languages. Tutoring is optional and mandated to specific scholars per DAS recommendations.

Report Card Night

Families attend report card night to hear about scholar’s progress during the quarter. Report card night appointments are spread out during a week’s time to best accommodate families and make meetings manageable for advisors. This meeting also serves as a check-in with the family for all members of the programming team. Programming staff will join scholar meetings on a scholar-to-scholar basis.

Academic Partnerships

School Partnerships

Directors of Academic Success meet with partner schools regularly to check-in on scholars’ academic progress, discuss any scholars of concern, and to remain in the loop on any relevant academic items.


ARPM Scholarship

Advance Risk Portfolio Management has partnered with BHGH of NY for a second year to award two scholars with a $1,000 scholarship for college. The candidates they are looking for must show a special interest in the area of mathematics. The Directors of Academic Success send out applications to all seniors to be considered. Together, the Development & Academics Team communicate with ARPM to share potential candidates and host an event for recipients and company.

The Island School

Two BHGH of NY scholars have the opportunity to be considered to attend The Island School. One boy and one girl have the opportunity to earn a scholarship to study abroad in the Fall