"My experience volunteering at BHGHNY has been incredibly rewarding and inspiring. Meeting with the scholars is a highlight each week. I look forward to providing support, challenging them academically and engaging in enlightening conversations about what they're learning about the world around them. I am so impressed by the scholars' work ethic and determination to succeed. BHGHNY is a wonderful program and I'm proud to be a part of it."
- Megan Do, Cover-to-Cover Volunteer Facilitator

"Thank you for an inspiring evening with the Boys Hope Girls Hope community.  From the young men who gave us a tour of their building to the young women who were our dinner companions, we heard how much BHGH does to promote academic and personal progress.  We saw evidence of the powerful benefit of a safe environment and mentors who provide both structure and care.  These young scholars are fortunate indeed to have the support of parents and the wise counsel of the program's advisors.  Bravo, BHGH!"
- Rebecca Sykes, President of The Oprah Winfrey Foundation, Dinner Guest
"For its enthusiastic scholars, BHGHNY is an oasis amid an often chaotic world. An exceptionally dedicated staff provides these young and talented scholars with a structured and nurturing environment where they are continually challenged both academically and socially. As a volunteer, what I see is energy and hope. And, in these difficult times, BHGHNY helps to restore my belief in our collective future.
- Jay Martin, Board Trustee, BHGHNY Volunteer

"BHGHNY provides our young men with a structured, nurturing setting where, in cooperation with Loughlin, they grow academically, socially, and emotionally. The staff serve as wonderful role models for the students and work closely with teachers for the boys' benefit. My favorite time is Dinner & Game Night; it's wonderful for students and teachers to see each other in a different light!"  
- Regina Bratichak, English Teacher Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

"Boys Hope Girls Hope has been a blessing to the children growing up in Hunts Point, one of the nation's poorest neighborhoods.  Next year we w ill have 6 students from our neighborhood participating in the BHGHNY Boarding Programs.  We are confident that they will be challenged academically and socially and be inspired to become men and women for others.  We recognize that because of their participation in BHGHNY, they will stay on the path to a better future and begin to break the cycle of generational poverty."
- Maryann Hedaa, Managing Director Hunts Point Alliance for Children

"Boys, who got off to a slow start in freshman year of high school, are making remarkable strides in both their academic achievement and personal development.  I am grateful to the staff of BHGHNY for inspiring these boys to realize their potential."   
- Cecilia Gottsegen, Guidance Director, Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School

"My experience with BHGHNY has truly enlightened me and reintroduced diligence into my mind in an ingenious way. BHGHNY surrounds us scholars with the right role models and environment while encouraging us to excel in the academic field as well as in our personal lives." 
- Austin Joseph, BHGHNY Class of 2015

"BHGHNY not only gave me the opportunity to receive a private high school education, but the program also provided a structured home in which I could strive academically and learn to be a man. Additionally, BHGHNY, helped with my transition to college through an interning opportunity in Australia, which introduced me to life outside of my neighborhood, Brownsville, Brooklyn. Programs like BHGHNY truly change the lives of young people like me."
- Ricardo Mullings, BHGHNY Class of 2011, Brown University

"BHGHNY is a home away from home.  Throughout my three years in the program, I have been given everything I have needed to grow academically and into a mature, responsible young lady.  BHGHNY has offered me many educational and extracurricular opportunities that have opened my eyes to exactly what I want to be in the future.  Believing in my potential and abilities, the staff members have challenged and pushed me hard.  BHGHNY never gave up on me and for that, I am grateful."
- Georgianna Davis, BHGHNY Class of 2013

"BHGHNY is a very unique program that empowers young minds and pushes scholars to reach their potential.  Being a part of BHGHNY has been very inspiring and beneficial for me because it has helped me with my time management and I am challenged regularly.  I am expected to do well in all of my classes even though I have a full extracurricular schedule.  Through BHGHNY, I have learned to become a well-rounded student."
- Shanika Foster, BHGHNY Class of 2014

"I appreciate the boarding program because it has given me a safe haven to forget about all of my troubles.  I have received an excellent education and wonderful support from the very caring residential staff.  For the past two years, I have learned more about myself, while figuring out who I am and what exactly I bring to this world.  I have developed a sense of purpose and have gained an understanding of where my education will lead me."
- Jasmine Noel, BHGHNY Class of 2014

" BHGHNY has opened a pathway to many educational and personal opportunities.  BHGHNY has helped me to better prepare for college and the real world.  I never experienced as much support in my life until I joined BHGHNY.  There is not a moment when a scholar is not offered help, comfort, or genuine care and advice.  Honestly, I was a mediocre student in Middle School, but once I came to BHGHNY, I became an excellent scholar.  I am grateful that BHGHNY has helped to mold me into the person and scholar I am today."
- Sherree Brundage, BHGHNY Class of 2013