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Christmas On The Street

Date: 14 December 2013 Location: La Gree Baptist Church (362 West 125th St, New York, NY 10027)

La Salle Hall scholars Javier, Stéphan, and Mykhal joined dozens of volunteers for this year’s YES!Solutions  2013 Street Corner Gourmets.  The volunteers gathered at La Gree Baptist Church at 9:30 am to prepare delicious meals and goodie bags for some of the City’s homeless.  Spearheaded by BHGHNY Board Vice Chair Sister Mary Lanning, YES!Solutions  generously donated 400 pounds of Pastrami, 10 cases of pears, 20 cases of grapes, 2 gallons of imported honey mustard, 120 pounds of custom-baked rye bread for sandwiches,  another 50 pounds of stone ground local grainery bread for appetizers; Additionally, Yes!Solutions  donated much needed items such as blankets, knit scarves, hats and gloves, provided all the packaging supplies, and coordinated all the logistics to make the event possible. 

Our scholars helped prepare 400 sandwiches and bags of fruit and carried them to the streets for distribution to the needy.  They escorted people through the line and passed out blankets, clothing, and winter accessories.  At the end of the event, they stayed on to assist with cleaning up the site.  

We are very proud of these young men’s work and their commitment to serving others. Along with our other scholars, they have gone above and beyond to volunteer their time and have clearly bought into Yes!Solutions and BHGHNY’s simple message:  we don't just wait for somebody else  to do the things that make the world better; we get in there and do it ourselves, whatever it takes.


Names of Participants: Javier Morales, Stéphan Pemberton, Mykhal Parson, and the Dean of the Boys Program, Jean-Yves Lafond