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Halloween Haunted House

Date: 31 October 2013 Location: La Salle Hall Duration of Service: 7 Hours (Planners), 4 Hours (Participants) Number of Scholars: 11

 In the 3 weeks leading up to Halloween, 4 of our scholars worked diligently on a project to transform LaSalle Hall into a Haunted House. They researched the history of the dorm and created a narrative and theme. One of the scholars created a poster and a few others distributed them throughout the community to advertise the event. On Halloween, the scholars worked throughout the afternoon to decorate the dorm and successfully transformed it into a very scary haunted house. Dozens of people visited and judging by the loud screaming, the boys did an outstanding job. Sweets was also distributed to kids who wisely chose to wait for their parents at the door.  When the event wrapped, the scholars cleaned up and returned the dorm to its normal state.


Names of Participants: Javier Morales (Planner), Stéphan Pemberton, Kevin Rueda, William Brown (Planner), Adrian Roque Silvas (Planner), Rovelo Martinez, Austin Joseph, Elijah Lashley (Planner), Serge Dominique, Hector Ortiz, Jhamir Rahsaan

Total Number of Service Hours: 56