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Program Wide Assembly

During the event, Mihoby Rabeharison, CEO of The Madagascar Experience, and a group of drummers provided  a wonderful display of African music and dance. The group seized the opportunity to educate our scholars on the cultural origins of the dances and beats performed and their meaning. Scholars enthusiastically joined in the performance dancing and playing Djembe and Dun Dun Drums.

Following Mihoby's show, scholars were treated to a performance by Avenida B a classic Salsa Dura band. With roots in the Lower East Side of New York City, "this new group has an old soul, committed to unearthing and reviving the old school sound, and timeless swing, of the kind of salsa that truly makes you want to get up and dance."

Scholars took the stage to dance and play some of the instruments alongside the band. Additionally, David Frankel, the band leader, gave them a detailed overview of the origins of Salsa, its innovations and evolution from Africa to the Americas. Scholars learned about the music' s rich African tradition and the strong influence Afro-Caribbean beats have had on its magical rhythm!