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Thanksgiving On The Street

Date: 26-28 November 2013 Location: Columbia University Number of Scholars: 20

Total Number of Service Hours: 176.25


LaSalle Hall scholars joined BHGHNY Board Vice Chair, Mary Lanning and over 200 other volunteers for the YES!Solutions 2013 Street Corner Gourmets Thanksgiving-On-The Street event.  Our scholars and the other volunteers had one purpose only: To help those who were homeless, unattached, or destitute experience and celebrate a meaningful Thanksgiving.

The scholars worked various shifts over a three-day period and assisted in different aspects of the meal preparation. The scholars chopped bushels of organic fresh herbs, prepared stuffing for 30 organic 28 lb turkeys, prepared thousands of turkey ham and green grape kebabs, which served as appetizers for those waiting in line, carried produce to other working groups, and swept the floor of the facility repeatedly throughout the day and night for the safety of all workers. Nine of the scholars worked through the evening and into the morning/early afternoon on Thanksgiving Day. All scholars and volunteers committed themselves to helping bring love, companionship, personal attention, happiness, and abundant home-cooked food on Thanksgiving to people who would otherwise not have such an experience.

"Our young men were a dynamic team.  I was so very proud of them.  They worked together cohesively.  They undertook any task.  They took responsibility without reminders.  They played with other volunteers' small children.  They bantered with other tiring "herbologists" who patiently peeled leaves from rosemary-sage-thyme for hours for the StreetCorner Gourmets' signature seasonings.  They were MEN -- strong, funny, reliable, courteous, thoughtful, cooperative.  They were laid-back LEADERS, steadfastly keeping others around them chugging along with good humor.  They were teens -- goofy, open-hearted, playful.  And . . . they set a great example eating their way through a long night and day as other workers brought forth food for the workforce.  Everyone loved them; none so much as I". ---Sister Mary Lanning---


Names of Participants: Rovelo Martinez (19 hrs), Garik Wright (3 hrs), William Brown (18 hrs), Admir Djesevic (3.5), Elijah Lashley (14.25 hrs), Stéphan Pemberton (13 hrs), Jhamir Rahsaan (4 hrs), Devonte Rondon (3.5), Adrian Roque Silvas (19hrs), Kevin Rueda (3.5), Ibrahima Solly (14.25 hrs), Serge Dominique (3hrs), Tshonda Omasombo (3 hrs), Jordy Santos (16.25 hrs), Rayquawn Tillman (3 hrs), David Brown (3 hrs), Jesus Cortorreal (16.25 hrs), Jeremy Diaz (10.25 hrs), Elijah Morris (3 hrs), Alan Rodriguez (3.5 hrs)