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BHGHNY and CRISTO REY…Forging a New Path

May 9, 2013

Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York’s long-standing partnership with Catherine McAuley High School yielded significant dividends during the course of its ground-breaking relationship. News of the school’s closing clearly was received with genuine disappointment and although our entire community lamented this loss, we all knew that our success would surface other new possibilities.

After a great deal of thoughtful consideration and after reviewing a number of possible school partnerships, BHGHNY has entered into a relationship with Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School (CRB), a member of the National Network of Cristo Rey High Schools. This coalition of twenty-five high-achieving secondary schools has gained significant traction during the course of the past fifteen years and its current goal of growing to fifty schools serving over 25,000 students by 2022 places it among one of the nation’s most important and innovative school choices being made available to first generation low-income college bound students.

CRB has reached an agreement with The Sisters of Mercy and its Mid-Atlantic Leadership Community to lease what was the Catherine McAuley Campus, and in turn, has reached an agreement with BHGHNY that will allow our girls to remain in residence on campus while attending CRB. The symmetry between our two organizations could not be any stronger. Both BHGHNY and CRB were founded by members of the Jesuit Community and each share a commitment to scholarship and service. Additionally, our respective focus on serving those less fortunate provide a strong signal to potential supporters and funders that the resources of two highly regarded organizations can be shared for the greater good and specifically to break the cycle of poverty that far too many of our families have been mired in—a cause that clearly has merit and an endeavor that is rooted in the belief that our children deserve the very best of what this country has to offer.

BHGHNY has always encouraged its scholars to reach beyond the limits that their economic and social circumstances have presented them with. CRB’s unique Corporate Work Study Program serves as a similar conduit to greater access and upward mobility and our emerging partnership does, indeed, represent a chance to forge a new and dynamic path.