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BHGHNY Alumni To Establish an Association

On January 10, 2012, a spirited group of BHGHNY alumni gathered with staff for a luncheon and planning meeting. Executive Director, Brad Zervas, led a discussion that was far-ranging in its implications with a specific focus on how BHGHNY could better serve its graduates as they continue in higher education. Additionally, alumni discussed ways in which they could be helpful to current scholars and there was a general consensus that alumni did, in fact, have much to offer. In creating a more formal BHGHNY Alumni Association-one with a detailed charter to serve, several steps will need to be taken to ensure that we create a platform that is sustainable and one that has as its primary focus the continued support of BHGHNY’s mission. Both BHGHNY staff and administrators, along with alumni discussed ways to create an atmosphere that would encourage involvement and engagement. Over the course of the next year, and in an effort to formalize an Association that will be sustainable, officers and class agents will need to be appointed; special activities and programs will need to be planned; and a strong relationship with BHGHNY’s Board of Directors will need to be fostered. There is much for all of us to accomplish in this area and we are hopeful that this represents an important milestone for our organization and for the growing number of alumni who were able to find themselves and their futures while BHGHNY scholars. If you are a graduate and have not been in contact with us, please make an effort to reach out to us so that we can keep you abreast of BHGHNY Alumni Association related news.