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2015-2016 Year in Review





  • 92% Program Retention Rate

  • 91% College Retention Rate (Classes of 2013-present)

  • 87% of all BHGHNY scholars ended the year with a GPA of 80 or above

  • 100% of our graduating scholars were accepted into 4 year colleges. Combined, they received acceptances into 96 colleges.

  • 100% of our 18 graduating seniors had their full demonstrated need met by at least one school

  • 88% of our 2016 graduates received at least one full college scholarships, 7 out of the 18, received full scholarships to 5 or more colleges each.

  • 100% of the Class of 2016 “overmatched” in their college acceptances, and 85% of them overmatched in their matriculation choices. Compare this to the 41% of low income students who undermatch nationally (policy center, the college board)

  • Students in the bottom income quartile make up only 3% of the enrollment at the most selective colleges (inside higher education). 34% of our scholars were accepted into one of these colleges.

  • For the 4th year in a row, a BHGHNY scholar was either valedictorian or salutatorian of the school our girls attend. This year’s Valedictorian, Veronica Carrasco, has matriculated at Princeton University.

  • BHGHNY Scholars visited over 20 different college campuses both locally and across the East Coast. 100% of scholars visited at least 2 colleges.

  • Our scholars attended over 20 different academic, leadership, or service summer enrichment programs

  • 100% participation in our new Social Justice Learning program 

  • 100% participated in our new literacy program 

  • 94% of all current and incoming scholars successfully completed either BHGHNY Summer Enrichment Program (SEA) or an external college and career enrichment program 

  • SEA expanded to include public speaking, social justice classes and an NYSACAC Camp College overnight trip for 40 sophomores

  • We introduced biweekly workshops that focused on social and emotional wellness and reflection 

  • Two new Leadership Institutes were conducted with the aim of developing our student government and Prefect system

  • Both residences are at full capacity for next year

The year 2015-2016 marked one of rapid growth and change for BHGHNY. Through the enhancement of existing programs, the creation of multiple new initiatives, and the replacement and addition of more highly trained staff; BHGHNY continue to effectively solidify its transition from a simple residential program serving at-risk young men and women to a full-fledged college access organization. We are so pleased and proud to tell you that our scholars are thriving and continuing to distinguish themselves in and outside of the classroom. Led by our seniors, who earned acceptance into 96 four-year colleges, our scholars have performed at a very high level throughout the year. The seniors were accepted to colleges ranging from Amherst, Boston College, Colgate, Fordham, Georgetown, Goucher, Hamilton, Holy Cross, John Hopkins, LeMoyne, Morehouse, Mount Holyoke, Princeton, Skidmore, Syracuse, Tufts, Union, Villanova, Wesleyan, Williams, Xavier—as well as the full range of SUNY and CUNY schools, among others. Their hard work, resilience, resolve, and accomplishments inspire us all and we are all grateful for the support of our donors and their belief in our mission.


Based on dorm roster of 82 scholars; 35 boys and 47 girls




Freshman Average



Sophomores Average



Juniors Average



Seniors Average



Program Average



End of Year Cumulative GPAs

  • 87% of our scholars have either shown improvement, or remained within 3 points of their GPA.

  • All BHGHNY Scholars over 85: 56% (46 scholars)

  • All BHGHNY Scholars over 80: 87% (71 scholars) 

  •  All Scholars on Deans List (92 and above): 22% (18 scholars) 

Boys Data

  • Boys over 85: 31% (11 out of 35) 

  • Boys over 80: 86% (30 out of 35) 

  • Boys on Deans List: 10% (3 out of 35) 

Girls Date

  • Girls over 84%: 74% (35 out of 47)

  • Girls over 80% (41 out of 47)

  • Girls on Deans List: 32% (15 out of 47)


  • 100% of our graduating scholars were accepted into 4 year colleges

  • Our 18 graduates gained acceptance into 96 four-year college

  • 100% of scholars had their full demonstrated need met by at least one college

  • 88% received at least one full college scholarships

  • 7 out of the 18, received full scholarships to 5 or more colleges each

  • 34% of our scholars were accepted into a college ranked “most selective” (nationally, only 3% of the enrollment at the most selective colleges is comprised of students from the bottom income quartile)



Class of 2013

84% Retention

  • 12 Collegians
  • 9 on track to graduate on time
  • 1 delayed graduation  
  • 2 not currently enrolled 

Class of 2014

94% Retention

  • 15 Collegians
  • 13 on track to graduate on time
  • 1 delayed graduation
  • 1 not enrolled 

Class of 2015

100% Retention

  • 22 Collegians
  • 22 on track to graduate on time 

Class of 2016

100% of graduates enrolled in 4 year colleges

  • 18 Collegians
  • 19th student will not graduate HS until June
  • Retention To Be Determined