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Boys Hope Girls Hope of New York executes its mission through its urban boarding program model—the only one of its kind in New York City.  Partnering with two private schools, BHGH of NY provides a range of support services to its young men and women to ensure that they receive the after-school assistance needed to be successful in high school, ready to pursue higher education, and become responsible and productive citizens. Through our cross-network college-access curriculum, The College Road, BHGH of NY is able to track and measure its outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of its services and operations at the end of each academic year. 

A stable and safe Community of learners and educators

Our scholars reside on campus from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon. They walk to their classes and remain in close contact with teachers, school administrators, and caring residential program staff. All members of our residential staff are positive and mature role models who are passionate about youth development, understand the importance of pursuing higher education, and have at the minimum earned a Bachelor’s Degree. They all genuinely care for the scholars’ welfare and their academic, moral and social development. BHGH of NY staff works closely with school leaders and teachers to ensure that its resident scholars are advancing appropriately in all areas of their lives.

Academic Support and Enrichment

BHGH of NY keeps databases tracking and measuring the academic results and overall development of every single scholar served.  Each scholar is assigned a counselor and advisor who monitors academic and personal progress and communicate with other BHGH of NY staff on a weekly basis to assess academic performance and broader contributions to the program.

We provide a structured learning environment that includes daily periods of mandatory study. During these periods, BHGH of NY staff is on hand to provide extra-help, tutorials and general support. Specialized tutoring—based on the individual needs of each scholar—are offered in our residences in collaboration with dedicated educators and volunteers from the NY Department of Education, local colleges, and professionals from the general community.  

Individualized Academic Support Plans:

Academic Support Plans are action plans tailored to the needs, interests, academic history, and potential of each participant. We use an individualized approach to academic success, consisting of math and writing workshops, individual tutoring, study groups, and silent study hall based on individual student’s academic needs determined collaboratively by residential staff, teachers, our Dean of Academics, and the student. 

To support our scholars and ensure adherence to their academic plans, BHGH of NY residential staff are assigned as advisors to a caseload of scholars.  Advisors provide individualized guidance and support to their students both academically and personally, and also work closely with parents and teachers to keep them appraised of their scholar's progress and needs. For parents, these updates come in the form of weekly check-in calls, and in-person meetings with written reports in more serious cases.  We also host quarterly Report Card Nights which requires all parents to join the BHGH of NY community to discuss their scholars' successes both academically and personally.


Literacy Initiatives

BHGH of NY promotes a love of literacy and improves literacy skills through our weekly initiative: Cover to Cover Book Club

Cover to Cover is a weekly evening book club that explores grade appropriate developmental themes and societal issues. This program is a five week long session that occurs twice each year, and culminates with a final group presentation. Our residential counselors serve as co-facilitators of these book clubs, and BHGH of NY also encourages community volunteers to come and discuss different topics in the books during our weekly sessions.

College Knowledge Program

BHGH of NY provides comprehensive college counseling for the scholars and their families to serve as a supplement to the resources offered by our partner schools. Using an action plan tailored to the needs, interests, academic history and potential of each scholar, BHGH of NY works with its scholars and their families to explain and provide assistance in every aspect of the college application process, which includes: college matching and strategic planning (individual one-on-one sessions); understanding the Common Application; creating a resume and supplemental materials;  writing your Personal Statement; writing supplemental essays and understanding their role in the Admissions process; applying for Financial Aid; and reviewing the college application in its entirety. In addition, all juniors and seniors will be enrolled in a standardized test prep course that will focus on both content review and test-taking strategy. Our College Knowlege Program starts in our scholars' freshman year and becomes more focused as the students’ progresses toward graduation.

Parents are involved throughout this process through frequent check-ins by phone or email, and informational workshops.

Student Development Education

In addition to our rigorous academic services and supports, BHGH of NY also finds it vital to provide developmental education outside of the classroom. Through our weekly Service Learning in Action and Rites of Passage programming, BHGH of NY engages students in opportunities to improve their leadership skills, explore their personal interests and beliefs, utilize the arts and culture for personal expression, and achieve global fluency and community awareness.

Service Learning in Action and Social Justice Modules:

BHGH of NY considers “service to others” as an integral feature in a young person’s development and seeks to instill in its scholars a sense of what it means to be a responsible citizen. Our Service Learning in Action modules are designed to teach scholars first-hand of what it means to be a person for others. These courses occur once a week and provide a scaffolded educational experience in which grade-level organized groups explore different areas and topics of injustice within their local communities as well as the greater global community. Throughout their four years at BHGH of NY, the scholars will be exposed to 3-4 modules per year, progressing in content, critical thinking skills, and social actions. Each module culminates with a service-related project where the scholars can showcase what they learned and how they can be change agents in their communities--ultimately leading our youth to develop a strong relationship between themselves and the world.

Scholar Prefects

Our Scholar Prefects are a group of scholar-elected individuals who are in charge of representing the entire BHGH of NY student body. The SLC works together to create policies and procedures for residence life, to voice scholar opinions and ideas about programming with staff, and to lead residents to succeed in both academic and personal endeavors. The SLC members also act as ambassadors of the BHGH of NY program to all volunteers, donors, and other guests.

Rites of Passage:

This program utilizes creative expression, group based activities, and guided introspection to nurture strong personal identity and character development. Using frameworks such as Brother-Sister Circle, we will scaffold on to the residential life supports, service learning, cultural immersion, arts making, and health and wellness opportunities to encourage the holistic development of the BHGH of NY Scholars. Brother-Sister Circle provides an opportunity for scholars to complete group and individual reflections and challenges, enhance their resiliency and identity formation, and work on identifying their distinct skills and gifts. 

Explore Next Door and Saturday Programming:

These enrichment activities make use of the rich cultural tapestry that is New York City, BHGH of NY uses the resources at our fingertips to add another layer and approach to enrichment.  Students are encouraged to expand their social capital and cultural competence by participating in extra-curricular activities at their schools, applying for summer programs in travel, service, and academics, and attending local conferences and arts and culture events around the city.  Scholars attend a variety of performances, screenings, conferences, dialogues, exhibitions, and workshops in multiple areas of interest including sports, arts, science, and humanities.  Over the course of the year, each scholar is required to participate in 8 Saturday programs, at least 6 excursions, and at least two extracurricular options at their schools. 

Summer Enrichment Program/Opportunities

BHGH of NY's Summer Enrichment Academy is our five-week program for incoming freshmen, transfer sophomores, and BHGH of NY scholars that require additional academic support. The purpose of this summer program is to introduce incoming scholars to the academic rigor and expectations of the BHGH of NY college-access program. Scholars attend classes Monday-Wednesday designed to improve our scholars’ reading, writing, and mathematics skills, and each week culminates with a field trip on Thursday afternoons.

Outside of our Summer Enrichment Academy, BHGH of NY assists all other scholars with placement in external summer programs meant to enrich scholars' summer experience through either service, college campus programs, international travel, and academic programs. Some examples of external summer programs BHGH of NY scholars have participated in include Sadie Nash Leadership Project Summer Institute, Habitat for Humanity, Spelman College's College Prep Institute, Boys Hope Girls Hope Guatemala Summer Exchange, and much more.